Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd. (rp²), the owners of, have opened their new skills pool for candidate registration. is the industries oldest oil and gas jobs website. It got published in 1996 during the early stages of the world wide web. Gradually, over the last 22 years, there has been an increase in resource offerings for the upstream sector.

As well as running a jobs board, and subject matter expert panel, now offers a skill pool database for employers. The offshore exploration and production sector has now recovered, and the job market is tightening up. Recruiters are reporting that specialists are getting harder to find, and rp² think that having a quick-search database of easily mobilised professionals will be helpful to the industry. has already developed relationships with a team of experts and niche businesses. As well as having contacts in hundreds of companies, they work closely with other technical consultancies.

Dave Taylor, the founder of rp², says:

"We've been facilitating planning and performance workshops since 2001, and 2018 was our second busiest year ever. At the end of 2018, we'd facilitated more than 420 workshops, in 55 countries, for 220 wells teams. We've always seen situations where skilled people need to be bought in for short term or ad-hoc assignments. New technology, techniques and the specialist skills that get learned, as a result, mean that finding the right person for the job has been getting harder. This challenge is especially the case during boom times. We know that having a well-organised skill pool will allow companies to quickly and efficiently fill employment gaps in drilling operations."

The most popular workshops that rp² offer is WOPs (Drill, Complete, Test the Well on Paper), Risk Assessments and HAZOPS (including MPD, SIMOPS). They facilitate these for many of the industry's leading oil companies including Maersk, BP, Total and Shell. It's during these workshops that Taylor and his people can get a gauge on the latest and best practices, as well as advances in technology. This inside view allows rare insight into what talents get required for each job role.

A skills pool run by well-planning facilitators will provide a best of worlds solution. The level of knowledge and everyday experience will rival any technical recruiter. Having a pool of already organised and contactable people means that human resources are available quickly and affordably.

We’re seeing technology megatrends such as big data, AI, robotics and automation continuing to affect our industry. This new paradigm, combined with the extended business cycle, means that dynamic human resource solutions are likely to become more commonplace. We've already seen a shift away from many job boards towards recruitment on social media. With a technical skills pool, rp² aim to engage the next logical step in the oil and gas work trend evolution.

If you want to register as a candidate on the skills pool, here's a link:

For any questions or interest from employers and recruiters, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This announcement got submitted by Jason Lavis who is a partner at Jason also runs Out of the Box Innovations, who provide digital marketing solutions for energy companies, and is a co-founder of NatResPro which is also a web-based human resource business.