Caspian Sunrise PLC (formerly Roxi Petroleum plc) ("Caspian Sunrise"), the Central Asian oil and gas company, with a focus on Kazakhstan, is pleased to update the market with the following changes in the shareholdings of the Company.

On completion of the Baverstock Merger 651,436,544 new Caspian Sunrise shares were issued to Baverstock GmbH ("Baverstock"). These together with their existing 98,000,000 shares in Caspian Sunrise brought the total shareholding of Baverstock to 749,436,544 (44.9%). The total number shares in issue were then and remain 1,669,673,820.

As previously announced to aid transparency it is planned that the four Baverstock Quota-holders split out their individual holdings pro rata to their individual interests in Baverstock.

While work to allow this to happen continues, it was announced on 4 August 2017 that Baverstock had sold 11,922,500 Caspian Sunrise from the effective interests of one of the Quota-holders, Mr Dosbol Zholdybayev, who had a 13.61% interest in Baverstock, 

That reduced Mr Zholdybayev's effective holding in the Company's shares from 101,998,314  shares (6.11%) to 90,075,814 shares (5.4%) and reduced Baverstock's interest from 749,436,544 shares (44.9%) to 737,514,044 shares (44.2%).

On 29 August a further 2,643,404 shares held by Baverstock from the effective interest of Dosbol Zholdybayev were sold reducing Mr Zholdybayev's effective holding in the Company from 90,075,814 shares (5.4%) to 87,432,410 (5.2%) and reducing Baverstock's interest from 737,514,044 shares (44.2%) to 734,870,640 (44.0%).

For the avoidance of doubt all the other Baverstock Quota-holders effective interests in Caspian Sunrise, including those of the Caspian Sunrise CEO Kuat Oraziman, remain unchanged.