Rospan International (Rosneft subsidiary) carried out a record hydrofracturing at the Urengoiskoe field, which resulted in the 9 times increase of production rate. There had been pumped 400 tons of proppant to benches of Achimov formation, which proved the efficiency of a record hydrofracturing at the 2-06-03 well. The previous record was 312 tons. Following the results of the well performance, gas flow rate increased from 70 to 600 thousand cubic meters daily, and condensate increased from 12 to 200 tons daily. Meanwhile, bottom hole pressure is close to dew point pressure, which provides optimal conditions for the deposit exploitation. New approach to hydrofracturing allowed to increase the efficiency of operated activities by 50%. Obtained results are directly consequential on systematic work carried out by enterprise geologists aimed at optimization of hydrofracturing technology, and give assurance in high recovering rates stipulated in the Rospan investment project of full field development.