German-headquartered manufacturing company MAN Energy Solutions has won a contract to support a major carbon capture project in the Netherlands.

The firm will provide engineering for three RG compressor trains for a carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) project titled the Port of Rotterdam CO2 Transport Hub and Offshore Storage (Porthos) Project.

Led by The Port of Rotterdam Authority, Energie Beheer Nederland BV and NV Nederlandse Gasunie, Porthos plans to store approximately 2.5m tonnes of CO2 per year under the North Sea.

The CO2 will be captured by companies in the Rotterdam port area, a region that contributes more than 16% of carbon emissions in the Netherlands.

Emissions will be captured and fed into a collective Porthos pipeline that will run approximately 30km through the Rotterdam port area and 20km off the Dutch coast, where it will be pumped into exhausted P18 gas fields.