With the new portable DZ1000 foam proportioner, FireDos offers fire services a completely reworked foam proportioner for more flexibility in mobile use. Quick and easy switching between the proportioning rates of 3%, 1% and 0.3% is possible at water flow rates from 140 to 1000 l/min. The DZ1000 is designed to handle varying firefighting scenarios and, hence, is perfectly suited for mobile use.


The mobile DZ1000 foam proportioner is extremely compact while its light weight of just 45 kg allows carrying by two persons. It was designed for all foam agents commonly used by fire services.

Easy switching between the proportioning rates makes the DZ1000 foam proportioner fit for universal use. Typical fields of application are all cases where proportioners are used for mobile foam extinguishing, e.g., in forest/vegetation fires or standard firefighting. The equipment is perfectly suited to produce wetting agent. Furthermore, DZ1000 is appropriate for all jet nozzle types - independently of their height difference, e.g., when used on aerial ladders - and ideally suited for intermittent nozzle operation.

Driven solely by the water flow, the working principle of the DZ1000 foam proportioner is purely mechanical and thus extremely reliable. One more advantage is its very low pressure loss. The DZ1000 is designed for an extinguishing water flow rate from 140 to 1000 l/min while guaranteeing exact proportioning already at 140 l/min.