Transneft Diascan has commissioned a new software package developed by the company’s specialists to automate the processes of planning, metering and analysis of testing facility equipment with natural and artificial defects. It will also optimize reporting documents on the performed works.

Called Poligon (Poligon SP), the new software package for automated metering of defects, flange inserts and structure of the fluid testing facility allows Transneft Diascan to form a plan of the facility’s equipment, entering data on new defects and defects’ measurement parameters as well as updating information on the pipeline stand structure, forming applications for defects for equipping the testing facility directly by the customer.

Poligon SP secures automation of the following processes:

• metering of defects and flange inserts; 
• metering of pipeline stand structure; 
• metering of spools with defects from functioning pipelines; 
• metering of passes of pipeline inspection gadgets (PIGs).

Moreover, the new software provides a possibility to generate reporting documents on the performed works, keep the reporting documents and conduct statistical analysis on using defects in works at the testing facility.

The testing facility of Transneft Diascan is one of the key parts of the company’s infrastructure; it is meant for performing passes of pipeline inspection tools through pipelines filled with operating fluid (25% glycerin solution). The stand’s structure allows passing PIGs under the conditions close to the conditions of diagnostic works at oil and petroleum products pipelines. Now, more than 12,000 defects are collected at the test ground, including natural ones (from functioning oil and petroleum products trunk pipelines).